Welcoming the Orphan

Raul Mamani, 13, lives at Hogar Remedios Assin orphanage in Bolivia.
Raul Mamani, 13, lives at Hogar Remedios Assin orphanage in Bolivia.

At the age of 13, Raul Mamani could barely write his own name. His mother was deceased, his father had abandoned him at a hotel, and he had spent much of his life up to this point working in the fields instead of studying.

That was then. This is now: a smiling, hopeful young man who is getting an education and is surrounded by people who care about his future.

When you open your doors to orphans and vulnerable children, you never know who God might bring your way. For more than 60 years, The Salvation Army’s Hogar Remedios Assin orphanage has been welcoming needy boys and girls to its doorstep. That includes Raul, who suffered a very unstable life, moving from home to home and encountering many negative influences, before government officials finally brought him to The Salvation Army last year.

Since then, Raul has easily adapted to his new environment. He has friends, he feels at home, he’s going to church and learning God’s Word, and he’s getting an education with the help of Cross International. That education may mean the difference between a future on the streets or a future of prosperity and self-sufficiency.

May God bless all the children at Hogar Remedios Assin and make their paths straight.

-Tony M.


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