Message from Annie: We need your prayers!

Annie Chikhwaza is asking for prayer for a little boy at Kondanani Children’s Village in Malawi. Nine-year-old Isaac had one of his eyes removed because of retinoblastoma – a condition that most likely would have killed him, had he been living in the humble village of his biological relatives. But now Annie says there are problems:

Annie Chikhwaza is the founder of Kondanani Children’s Village.
Annie Chikhwaza is the founder of Kondanani Children’s Village.

“The cancer has returned and may be in the optic nerve. He is on chemo therapy at present. The doctors say that because it is a relapsed disease, there is no hope. I cried to begin with; I had this horrible feeling in my stomach. We have lost many babies, but I have never prepared myself for losing one of our older children who have been here since they were tiny babies.

“Well, now I am fighting. Whatever the diagnoses, the name of Jesus is bigger than cancer.”

Annie isn’t the only one who is trusting in Jesus. Isaac himself has shown incredible faith. “While on chemo, Isaac has only one thing in mind when he is in the children’s cancer ward, and that is the other children. He tells them that they can be strong because of Jesus – He will help them. It’s tragic to see what some of these children look like.”

Ever since Cross International began providing food for the more than 130 orphans and abandoned children at Kondanani, we’ve been touched by Annie’s huge heart for every boy and girl under her care. Please pray with her now that Isaac will be able to go to South Africa for treatment at a children’s hospital, and pray that God will grant this brave little boy a complete healing.

-Tony M.


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