Waste in Public Spaces Exposes Residents to Disease

In developing nations around the world, many impoverished communities lack access to basic sanitation. Waste in public spaces exposes residents to diseases such as cholera and typhoid, and weak, malnourished children often suffer from diarrhea – a leading cause of death for kids under 5. One photographer’s graphic images shed light on this important (but often avoided) issue. Click here for the story.

How Cross International is making an impact

Cross International recognizes the importance of adequate hygiene and sanitation. It is a critical component of public health. In partnership with Christians around the world, we have been able to build latrines and toilet facilities in countries like Nicaragua and Zambia. We have also been able to build wells and water systems, which provide clean water and reduce cases of diarrhea. These efforts work to prevent unnecessary illness and restore dignity to the poor.


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