Video: Guatemalan kids learn to give God thanks

The children praying in this video benefit from Operation Rescue’s feeding program in a rough part of Guatemala City. There, the kids are also able to play, take a cooking class, and learn about Jesus. It’s one of several ministries that receive the food and valuable supplies we ship to Guatemala.

In the video, the man leading the children in prayer is Guiseppe, the director of the program. After the camera clicked off he engaged in “thumb war” with one of the boys. He has a wonderful relationship with the kids.

Here’s a translation of their awesome prayer:

“Thank you Lord, because you thought about me. One day, I am going to discover why you thought about me and why you love me so much. One day, I will know why and on that day I will be so happy and I will work on your behalf because I know that you have something (greater) for me. I am not going to waste this opportunity. I am going to take advantage of it.

Thank you Lord for you are good. I thank you for the people that are visiting us. Bless them and their families too. That one day, they will know why they are here… you thought about them too.

I give you thanks Lord. We bless the principals, our teachers, our professors, and all of the staff. I thank you for their lives. Thank you for the table you have prepared for us that we are going to eat slowly.

Thank you Jesus! Amen!”

-Nola B.


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