United in Prayer

Cross International President Jim Cavnar (right) is prayed over at a Haitian pastors’ conference.
Cross International President Jim Cavnar (right) is prayed over at a Haitian pastors’ conference.

During his most recent trip to Haiti, Cross International President Jim Cavnar had a chance to speak at a pastors’ conference hosted by one of our ministry partners. It was an awesome opportunity for Jim and other Cross representatives to share a time of prayer and worship with Haitian men who have dedicated their lives to the gospel. The pastors gathered around Jim to lay hands on him and offer their heartfelt prayers, which he eagerly received. And Jim, in turn, laid hands on the pastors, who need all the encouragement they can get as they serve in the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere.

Pastor Joseph Haronce, one of the attendees at the Christian Revival Center conference, told us how God used the tragedy of the 2010 earthquake to change hearts.

“After the earthquake, a lot of people came (to church). My building was shaking and they worshiped and opened the gate and a lot of people came in to praise God. A lot of people died, and the people who had life came to thank God for what he has done for us, give them life. More people came to the church. More people believed, even the voodoo priests. This time they call only one person: Jesus.

“Haiti is a poor country, but if they have Jesus, if they have God, and God can do everything, you just need to believe and trust him.”

It may sound trite, but without that simple faith, all that we do at Cross would be like “filthy rags” (Isaiah 64:6). We need these reminders that our work begins with love for God and neighbor, and that our goal is not just to feed the hungry or clothe the naked, but to spread the hope of Christ.

-Tony M.


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