U.S. and Guatemala Work Together

While U.S. and Guatemalan leaders work together to provide temporary shelter for displaced survivors of the Fuego Volcano eruption, Cross International and its ministry partners have already moved forward with a permanent resettlement plan for 200 families.

Cross International President Jim Cavnar recently returned from visiting the resettlement site, where he met a grateful recipient of a sturdy new concrete home in an area chosen to provide greater safety for residents. The beneficiary, a father who narrowly escaped the eruption with his two children, lost many extended family members to the disaster. The pain of his loss is unimaginable, but thanks to the outpouring of support from Cross benefactors and our partners, he can now rejoice because his family has a home that is safe and secure.


hope of life

Thriving kids start with a healthy home

Today, 1-1.5 million Guatemalan children and their family members live in homes made of dirt floors, cornstalks, mud, sticks, and any other materials they can find. We pray you’ll support Cross International’s Thriving Kids initiative as we build homes for families.

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