True Gratitude

Matthew 25:31-46 is a foundational scripture for those of us who work at Cross International. It’s a reminder to see Jesus in every hungry, thirsty, naked, homeless, imprisoned, or impoverished person we serve.

The poor give us a fresh perspective on being thankful.

The poor in developing countries often give us a fresh perspective on being thankful. They may lack adequate food, clothing or shelter; yet they are thankful for life, family and friends—and especially their faith. It’s common for a poor, Christian family to share their only meal of the day with their poor neighbors, because they themselves are filled with the love of Christ. Their example shows us how gratitude and generosity are tied to spiritual more than material wealth.

As we approach Thanksgiving Day, we are especially reminded to be grateful for the gift of salvation, and to express our gratitude by helping the poor.

-Nola B.


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