True Discipleship

Vivian and Luis Figueroa
Vivian and Luis Figueroa

On every trip I take to the impoverished countries Cross International works in, I always meet inspirational Christian servants working tirelessly on behalf of the poor at the projects we support. Their selfless dedication is proof of true discipleship and a willingness to put their neighbors’ needs before their own.

On a recent trip to Bolivia, I met Luis and Vivian Figueroa, captains in The Salvation Army and directors of Hogar Remedios Assin, a Cross-supported home for orphaned and vulnerable boys on the outskirts of La Paz. These boys have often endured abuse, homelessness, severe poverty, or abandonment by their caretakers, and most boys arrive at the orphanage suffering from emotional, psychological, and physical problems.

That’s when Luis and Vivian introduce them to Jesus and begin helping them find healing.

“Many people think that the boys here can’t change because of their behavior from their life before they come here. But faith in Jesus is their foundation and we help them to build upon that foundation. They can change,” Vivian said.

Support from Cross and our generous benefactors allows the boys to attend the adjacent evangelical school, so they receive a quality Christian education to prepare for a better future. The children also attend a nearby church every Sunday. Luis said it’s evident that the children have developed great faith in Jesus.

“I have seen that the children have very big faith in God. Every night, they pray in their rooms and they have great faith that God is listening to their prayers,” Luis said.

This dedicated Christian couple agrees that faith is the only way for a child to ever fully recover from the scars of his painful past. With God working in their hearts, they can recover and thrive.

“We have faith in our hearts that the Lord can help them be people who have work, people who can change, and people who will have a better future,” Vivian said.

Thank you, Vivian and Luis, for your faithful service in the name of Jesus!

-Stephanie J.


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