These “God Moments” Keep Us Going


Cross International President Jim Cavnar prays with a young boy during a recent trip to Kenya.
Cross International President Jim Cavnar prays with a young boy during a recent trip to Kenya.

Over the last few years, some of our ministry staff have begun gathering to share “God moments” they’ve experienced in the course of their work. These sharing times are opportunities to set aside the stresses of fundraising and reflect on how the lives of staff, donors and beneficiaries have been touched in profound ways.

I was particularly moved by a simple story one colleague shared about a donor mission trip to Guatemala. This group of donors had raised enough funds to build five new homes for poor families, and now they planned to visit the completed homes and help the families paint them.

My colleague said, “It was 104 degrees and we had been working hard all morning. We broke for a brief lunch of humble peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. Each team member ate only half and shared the other half with those families working alongside us — who did not have anything to eat. The joy of sharing this simple meal was symbolic of our brotherhood in Christ. I was in awe of how the team ministered to the families they were serving with an outpouring of love and generosity.”

Another staff member was personally impacted when a donor’s 7-year-old son sent $3 from his allowance. This “widow’s mite” was no doubt a big deal for such a young child to give — and a great way to instill in him the Christian values of generosity and concern for the poor. We received the gift along with a photograph of the boy, who was ridiculously adorable; but what really brought it home for us was the note the boy sent with his gift. It said, “To Jesus. Thank you.”

The staff member said, “He gave that money to Jesus, and that just really touched me because I strive as a mom to teach my kids to have a heart for the Lord. And they are doing that. And it’s just a wonderful example of some of our donors.”

As these stories show, our supporters are so much more to us than just a funding source. They are friends and fellow travelers on a faith journey punctuated by little “God moments” that lift hearts and change lives


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