The Right Thing to Do


Remember Gotitas de Amor, the Cross-supported daycare/kindergarten in Bolivia that I talked about on Tuesday? There’s one more story I just have to share with you about the center’s Christian leaders who are “doing the right thing” for a family in need—and sharing the message of Christ in the process.

The story begins with Claudia, a cute 5-year-old girl in kindergarten at the center. Claudia’s single mother sells tickets in the local bus terminal and works all day long. The family is very poor, according to her teacher. Claudia has an older brother who goes to elementary school in the neighborhood, and when school is over for the day he comes to Gotitas de Amor. The brother eats lunch at the center and stays for the rest of the afternoon, doing his homework and learning about how Jesus is his personal Lord and Savior, until their mother comes to pick both of them up.

Why does Claudia’s brother come to Gotitas de Amor? Because there likely isn’t enough food in their household for him to bring a lunch to school each day, plus there is no one at home to cook anything for him even if he did go home after school. Bolivian schools only run half-days, and children attend either the morning shift or afternoon shift. When Claudia’s brother gets out of school around noon, he’s very hungry, and if he didn’t go to Gotitas de Amor he’d have to wait until evening to eat.

Claudia’s family is the only family at Gotitas de Amor who currently has this arrangement, but the loving Christian leaders there are willing to accommodate them because they know it’s the right thing to do, because it’s what Christ would have done and what he commands us as believers to do. These leaders are putting their faith into action and using the opportunity to teach Claudia’s brother about Jesus. They’re offering the bread of life—Jesus—along with physical bread. “It’s not just a place where they are dumped and fed and that’s it,” said Gloria Flores, who oversees the center. “We teach them Christian values and it’s the beginning of their education, the foundation and basis.”

Support from Cross and our generous benefactors provides the food that the leaders of Gotitas de Amor share with Claudia’s brother. It’s comforting to know that in addition to the food, the teachers are sharing Jesus with him, Claudia, and all the children at Gotitas de Amor.

-Stephanie J.


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