The Lord’s Hand at Work

Gawad Kalinga transforms the slums of the Philippines into beautiful communities for families like Jose’s.
Gawad Kalinga transforms the slums of the Philippines into beautiful communities for families like Jose’s.

When we received the following letter from our ministry partner in the Philippines, it reminded me of the phrase “God’s hand working in your life.”

What does that mean, anyway? For Jose, the author of the following letter, it meant seeing his life be changed dramatically after receiving a new house from our ministry partner Gawad Kalinga.

Dear friends,
I am Jose Freddie Prado, 53 years old, widower with three children. My wife and I both dreamed of living in a sturdy and comfortable house because all our lives we lived in a shanty. However, she passed away even before our house was renovated by Gawad Kalinga.

When Gawad Kalinga came, my dreams turned into a reality. We now live in a comfortable and beautiful house. Though, it really saddened me because my wife is no longer here to witness this blessing in our lives. Gawad Kalinga opened our eyes to the beauty of life. I became closer to my children. I can see the improvement in the lives of my children. My daughter, Mary Ann Prado, is serving at Gawad Kalinga as a volunteer. Our house sometimes serves as a meeting place for them.

Because of Gawad Kalinga, we became aware of the hardships others are suffering. Before, we thought we were very deprived. Now we know we are very blessed compared to others. We thank Gawad Kalinga for helping us and for opening our eyes to the plight of our neighbors.

Thank you,
Jose Freddie Prado and family

It’s clear the Lord’s hand was at work in Jose’s life. May we all see the glory of the Lord’s presence in our own lives every day. His mighty hand is always at work!

-Stephanie J.


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