The Heavens Declare God’s Glory

How is this for a harmonic convergence of events? The same week that we studied Genesis 1 in our morning devotions here at Cross, NASA released the new Hubble Space Telescope photos to the public. If you haven’t yet seen these breathtaking images, there’s no time like the present! The vivid colors and elegant shapes provide a rare and beautiful glimpse into the far reaches of God’s creation.

Amazing image taken from the new Hubble Space Telescope
Amazing image taken from the new Hubble Space Telescope

Even scientists are getting teary-eyed. Hubble senior scientist Dave Leckrone said the images stir up a sense of spirituality: “What I see is the grandeur of creation, however it got there.”

In Genesis, we learn that creation began with God’s voice. “And God said, ‘Let there be light.’ And there was light…. And God said, ‘Let there be lights in the expanse of the sky….And God said that it was good.”

Unlike many pagan (or even atheist) origin stories, the Bible assures us that the universe, for all its flaws, was originally created “good.” Matter isn’t evil – it’s a work of art sculpted by God’s own hand. The sculpture is cracked, but Christ came to mend the broken pieces and restore all things to himself, with the emphasis on human beings.

In the same way, when we at Cross hear that a child is hungry, we don’t shrug off his discomfort as if the material world doesn’t matter. We feed him. Our goal is to enable the poor to flourish as whole human beings who truly belong in this world.

It’s humbling to think that whenever we ship containers of food to starving families in Haiti, Zambia, and other impoverished nations, we are actually participating in some small way in God’s plan to restore his creation. The Bible never says “the meek shall escape the earth.” It says they will “inherit” the earth! Hopefully, they will also inherit this amazing view of the heavens.

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