The fight against AIDS continues

Did you know there are 33.3 million people currently infected with HIV?

Did you know that 2.5 million of those people are children?

Did you know that the poorest parts of the world are disproportionately plagued by this devastating – but preventable – disease?

Volunteer health workers pray with an AIDS patient in Zambia.
Volunteer health workers pray with an AIDS patient in Zambia.

In recognition of World AIDS Day, which falls on December 1 each year, we’d like to credit the great work our Cross International partners have been doing to help AIDS victims and their families.

No region has been hit harder by the AIDS crisis than sub-Saharan Africa. Whenever we go to Africa, we inevitably have an encounter with the consequences of AIDS. One of our partner ministries in the country of Zambia reaches out to poor villages by visiting HIV/AIDS patients in their homes, supplementing their diet, providing health and hygiene services, praying with them, and most of all just loving them. The ministry is empowering the sick to live productive lives, to raise their own children, and to prevent the spread of the virus to their loved ones.

In the South American country of Guyana, Cross supports the Ruimveldt Children’s Home & Care Center, a Christian orphanage for children infected or affected by HIV/AIDS. These kids need a lot of love, because the disease carries such a heavy stigma in their society that they risk being shunned or even laughed at by their peers. The caretakers at the home treat the children as their own, and Cross is there to make sure the kids get the nutrition, clothing, education, and quality medical attention they need.

We are so thankful for Christian men and women who have stepped out of their comfort zone to tend to the needs of stigmatized and impoverished AIDS victims who have nothing to give in return.


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