Thanks from an orphan in Zambia

Letters like this remind us why we are so passionate about what we do. It’s from an African orphan we’ve supported through Grace Ministries, our partner in Zambia:

Yessy is 14 years old
Yessy is 14 years old

“My name is Yessy aged 14 years. I was born in a family of two girls and one boy. I am the last born child in our family. My father died when I was young, I can’t remember the year, and my mother died when I was 13 years old.

“When my father died my elder sister had to stop school. By that time she was in grade 7. At this moment I am staying with my auntie who can’t afford to pay my school fees. My auntie has eight children of her own and she looks after eight other orphans including me.

“Before Cross International started helping me, I never used to have enough food to eat. I thank God that now I have enough food to eat. I thank God that now I have started school. And I look smart and proper now that Cross provides clothing for me. Sometimes I think, what if my mother and my father were still alive to see me now.

God bless you. May the Lord add more days to your life.

Yours truly,

-Nola B.


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