Thank You from the Philippines

With Cross’ help, filthy slums are being replaced by new, brightly-painted homes.
With Cross’ help, filthy slums are being replaced by new, brightly-painted homes.

Cross has been working with Gawad Kalinga in the Philippines to transform the slums of metro Manila into thriving communities. The difference is like night and day, and you can see the change not only in the landscape but also in the hearts and minds of the families who now have so much hope.

Here’s an amazing letter we recently received from the Linga family:

 I am Dalisay Linga. My husband, Alberto, and I were blessed with a son. My family is a beneficiary of Gawad Kalinga in Mandaluyong City. My husband works as a tricycle driver with a monthly income of $68.

Our area was a typical squatter’s area, narrow pathways, dirty surroundings surrounded by smelly, open manholes. The houses were made of discarded materials and wood and are attached to each other, which made them prone to fire.

Gambling and other vices were common in the area during those times. There were gang riots every night and fights between neighbors.

Now, our house is made of concrete, two-stories, with bedroom and bathroom. I’m no longer afraid of fire because my house can withstand fire. The alleys are wide and clean, the drainages are covered. Gambling ceased and peace reigns over the place.

Our community is changing into a beautiful community. Now, it doesn’t look like a squatter’s area but an exclusive subdivision. It will be more beautiful when all the house constructions are finished.

To Gawad Kalinga and Cross International, I hope you will never get tired of helping the poor people like me. I am very happy that I was among the blessed ones to receive your help. You have given my family a wonderful gift when you helped us build our house. Thank you very much.

-Tony M.


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