Starving child rescued

Carlos Vargas
Carlos Vargas

This rural Guatemalan family has been deeply concerned about their little daughter Rosa. At 2 months old she weighs only five pounds. That’s because she was borne with cleft palate, which prevents her from being able to nurse. The man praying with her mom is Carlos Vargas, founder of Hope of Life, one of the organizations we partner with in that country. Carlos’ mission and life exhibit Christ-like compassion for the poor. He grew up in a poor Guatemalan family — just like them.

Shortly after this photograph was taken, Carlos carried Rosa down a footpath to an ambulance waiting to bring her to his mission’s hospital. He seemed worried. During the 3-hour drive to the hospital, Carlos told me that last year he and his team had brought 3,500 starving children like Rosa to the hospital, but 35 of them didn’t make it. Although his program has been a tremendous success, you could see that every one of those lost lives mattered to him.

At the hospital, Rosa was able to be nourished intravenously, and the doctors committed to operate on her cleft palate as soon as possible. In the meantime, they made accommodations for Rosa’s mother to stay with her there at the mission. Thank the Lord, this precious one will live!

-Nola B.


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