Snatched from dispair

God can take any circumstance, turn it around, and use it for his glory. Just ask Clona, a 19-year-old Haitian girl who experienced a life-altering tragedy at the age of 5 and was rescued by the loving staff of the Togetherness In Christ (T.I.C.) orphanage.

Clona, 19, teaches the kindergarten and first grade students at the Togetherness In Christ orphanage.
Clona, 19, teaches the kindergarten and first grade students at the Togetherness In Christ orphanage.

As the orphanage director, Gladys Mecklembourg explained to us, “She had everything—a mom, a dad, and a home,” and two new siblings on the way. But Clona’s perfect world shattered when her father died in a car accident. The news was such a shock to the mother that she had a stroke and lost both babies, and as a result became physically incapable of raising Clona and her brother, Jean Wesley. Thankfully, Clona’s uncle was able to send the children to T.I.C., which we support with food and operational costs.

When Clona first came to T.I.C., she cried all the time and wouldn’t talk to anyone. Then she developed swollen tonsils that grew worse and worse until she almost choked to death. Clona was rushed to the hospital and given oxygen and medicine that saved her life. But another health issue caused her to keep passing out, and that problem was taken care of through a regular regimen of medications she continues to receive.

Eventually, Clona warmed to her new home at T.I.C., opened up to the staff and other children, and began helping to take care of the babies. The girl who previously wouldn’t talk turned out to have an incredible singing voice, and she even had an opportunity to enter and win a music competition. Today, Clona teaches kindergarten and first grade at T.I.C.’s school during the day, and then in the evenings teaches English at a community vocational school. She also keeps in touch with her mom, who walks with a limp and is being cared for by Clona’s uncle.

God is using T.I.C. to touch the lives of many orphaned and vulnerable children like Clona, who are overcoming despair and experiencing the joy of a relationship with Jesus. The children receive shelter, food, clothing, education, medical care, and more importantly, love.

Our partnership with T.I.C. is restoring hope in Haiti, one child at a time, and the evidence is in the smiles of the boys and girls who have come through T.I.C.’s doors. We have committed to supporting the orphanage for a year, and we need your help to do it! Click HERE to learn more.


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