Snapshots from the Streets

It can be hard to describe the severe poverty that exists in much of Haiti. The people there face life conditions and daily hardships few of us can even imagine.  That is why the people I’ve met there inspire me. They are hardworking, resilient and strong. Their lives are punctuated by rich stories – tales of sorrow and struggle, as well as stories of brilliance and innovation.

In many ways, the lives of Haiti’s poor bear testimony to the miraculous.

Of course, our ministry partners inspire me too. They have chosen to work under difficult circumstances in order to bless the poor. As humble servants, they are more concerned with obeying God’s call than safeguarding themselves or avoiding personal sacrifices. They don’t shy away from hard work, messy situations or uphill battles. In that way, they pour out the fragrance of Christ within regions of deepest need.


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