Sing a Song of Social Change

At Cross International we strive to build awareness here in America about the plight of the world’s poor and convey our individual responsibility as Christians to help. ‘Help’ may take the form of buying a cup of coffee for a homeless person, visiting an elderly shut-in, or, yes, making a donation to Cross International or even another charity that works with the poor.

Among our awareness-building activities is Harmony of Hearts, our music outreach program. Next week Harmony of Hearts will be presenting the 2009 Song of the Year Award to the creative forces responsible for the song which we feel best represents God’s concern for the poor and call to serve them. It’s designed to spur songwriters and musicians towards creating songs that illustrate God’s compassion to the poor and the church’s obligation to serve them in Jesus’ name.

The following three heart-tugging songs have been selected as finalists:

Give Me Your Eyes – written by Brandon Heath and Jason Ingram, and performed by Brandon Heath, from his release What If We (Reunion Records)

Follow You – written by Ed Cash, Jack Mooring, and Leeland Mooring, and performed by Leeland, from their release Love Is on the Move (Essential Records)

The Twenty-First Time – written by Ed Cash and Trent Monk, and performed by Monk & Neagle, from their release The Twenty-First Time (Reunion Records)

According to Chuck Burge, Director of Harmony of Hearts, “We hope to ‘fan

the flames’ of what appears to be a reawakening of the church to God’s concern for the poor.”

The winner of this year’s annual award will be announced Tuesday, Nov. 24, at 1 p.m. EST, so check back next week to find out who won!


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