Sharing Jesus’ Love with Vulnerable Girls

I love hearing from our Cross International ministry partners around the world that are empowering girls and women with the truth of who they are in Christ. At Cross, we believe men and women are co-heirs to the Kingdom of God, and we work with ministries that help promote equal treatment, respect and dignity for girls and women in the developing world.

In Uganda, the ministry Empowering Young Women is a life-changing project that seeks to give at-risk teenage girls a positive alternative to drug abuse, prostitution or early marriage. Since many of these girls have little to no family support, early intervention is critical. Some are orphans, while others are being raised by family members who are trapped in a cycle of poverty or face addiction issues themselves.

Through the ministry’s “Princess Project,” girls can say “no” to the lies they hear on the streets, and say “yes” to God’s love. After school, they receive free tutoring and counseling, which helps them earn better grades and stay committed to their education. They also learn how to generate income through classes in handicrafts and entrepreneurship so they can support themselves with dignity.

Most importantly, girls learn they are dearly loved daughters of the King of Kings, a fact that changes their perspective about themselves and the world around them. Many now have personal relationships with Jesus and have experienced the glorious rescue of the Gospel. They understand they are valuable, created for a purpose and more loved than they could have ever have imagined! Now that’s good news!


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