A young mother smiles at her child who has grown to be healthy.

She Almost Died. Look at Her Now!

Back in 2017, we met a starving Guatemalan baby named Jairling. Thanks to intervention by concerned Christians, look at what God has done!

Jairling’s healthy smile betrays no hint of the trauma that almost snuffed out her life. You’d never guess she was conceived through rape, or that she spent her first 20 days of life wasting away because her then-13-year-old mother, Claudia, was unable to produce breastmilk.

Another teen in Claudia’s shoes might have simply given up, but Claudia prayed to God for help, and the Lord showed up in a big way, sending our local partner – Hope of Life – to the rescue.  Jairling was taken to a hospital and nursed back to health.

We were thrilled to reunite with Jairling a year later and find her enjoying herself at Hope of Life’s playground and melting hearts with her chubby cheeks and bright eyes. This is a miracle of love — a miracle that happens when Christians come together to live like Christ and extend His mercy to those in need.

Claudia & Jairling the day after their emergency arrival at Hope of Life.

Claudia still has a lot of healing to do, but the good news is that she’ll be able to work through her trauma in a safe place, living with her grandparents as she continues to receive support and comfort from Hope of Life.

We wish all the best for Jairling and Claudia, and are confident we’ll encounter many more transformation stories like theirs as Cross International continues working alongside Hope of Life and other overseas ministries striving to rescue babies and mothers. That doesn’t just mean feeding the hungry. It means ministering to bodies and souls in Jesus’ name and fighting for them to truly thrive.

This work saves lives. That energizes us! And we hope it energizes you too. If you’re not already involved, I urge you to click here to learn what you can make possible. These families need all the love, prayer and support they can get!


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