Relief in a Time of Famine

In Africa, 20 million people in 26 countries are suffering due to severe drought and famine. Many world leaders fear that this will be the worst humanitarian crisis since 1945. To respond to this desperate need, Cross International is working with our church-based partners to provide food, relief and the hope of the Gospel. In this photo, Cross International President Jim Cavnar helps distribute food in Kenya, where our ministry partners are working tirelessly on behalf of suffering families. For the duration of this crisis, we plan to provide food staples to those who may otherwise go hungry, but we need your support to make that possible. Click here to be the hands and feet of Jesus to African families!


Jim Cavnar helping distribute food in Kenya
Jim Cavnar helping distribute food in Kenya


Bringing Life-Giving Water to Zambia

Only 44 percent of rural Zambians have access to basic safe drinking water services. Only 19 percent have basic sanitation (toilet) facilities. Help bring clean water—and “living water”—to other villages by donating to Thriving Kids Africa campaign.

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