Reality Check: It All Matters

Working in an air-conditioned HQ office in the Sunshine State, it’s easy to feel a bit removed from the life-and-death ministries my job supports, albeit in a seemingly-small way. But when I read communications from those who work in the field, I’m reminded of the importance of every task, no matter how small, so these ministries can keep doing what they do.

I say this because I just got through looking at the report and photos sent in from Katie Vargas, a staff member at Esperanza de Vida, a Cross-sponsored 24-hour emergency nutrition center in Guatemala that gives food and medical care to children suffering from severe malnutrition. In it she tells about a little boy named Alvaro.

“If we had not reached him he would have perished at only 3 months old and weighing only 3 pounds,” Katie writes. She goes on to explain how his parents did not have enough food to feed him, and they had no money to buy milk or take him to a doctor. As the days passed they watched in helpless despair as their baby wasted away. By the time the staff found him he was skin and bones.

“He did not show signs of life and we did not believe he would live,” Katie writes. But the rural outreach team brought Alvaro back to the rescue center anyway, prayerful that he would survive. Katie writes, “Alvaro’s health has been restored and he is a healthy, strong and happy little boy who enjoys life without suffering anymore! We give thanks to God, the rescue center, Cross International and their partners.”

Later in the report, Katie relays why she and the other staff members are there: “Christ taught us that faith without works is dead. So at Esperanza de Vida we show the love of God…and the faith in his word through action. We bring a hope like Jesus brought wherever he walked. We [do these things] to teach the people how God loves us and that He is the one who sent us to bring love and care. We teach about how God transforms and how God can transform them as well.”

Reading reports like this make my own problems pale and remind me that no task, no gift, no prayer is too insignificant. It all matters.

Alvaro BEFORE :: It was doubtful that starving, 3-month old Alvaro would survive when he first came to Esperanza de Vida Rescue Center in Guatemala. But he did survive and he’s a healthy, happy little boy today!
Alvaro AFTER
Alvaro AFTER

-Nola B.


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