Projections Show Recovery and Expansion for Latin American and Caribbean Economies

There appears to be good economic news for developing countries and the Christian educators who work hard to prepare impoverished students to become self-sufficient. Emerging economies are expected to show moderate recovery and even growth within the next two years. Click here for the story.

How Cross International is making an impact

Cross International strives to provide support that will ultimately break the cycle of poverty. We want to work ourselves out of existence – to serve so well and so effectively that there is no longer a need for poverty alleviation. By providing food, medicine, education and housing, we work with our ministry partners to relieve the burden on the poor. With the right tools, men, women and children will be able to access opportunities and achieve all that God has planned for them. By meeting practical needs while ministering the love of Christ, we will build up strong sons and daughters of God who impact their nations and change the world.


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Thriving kids start with a healthy home

Today, 1-1.5 million Guatemalan children and their family members live in homes made of dirt floors, cornstalks, mud, sticks, and any other materials they can find. We pray you’ll support Cross International’s Thriving Kids initiative as we build homes for families.

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