Progress begins with a prayer

Here at Cross, we begin our workdays with an hour of prayer and devotions. The secular world might consider that hour a waste of time and productivity, but we know it is only by God’s grace that we are able to produce anything at all. We would rather be carried on God’s shoulders to the ends of the earth, than spend a lifetime trying to walk there on our own.

Anyone who doubts the power of prayer should meet baby Moises. The healthy little boy would not be alive today if not for a miraculous “coincidence” and the quick action of the medical staff at the Esperanza de Vida rescue center in Guatemala.

Buried alive, Moises was saved from certain death by the Esperanza de Vida rescue center in Guatemala.
Buried alive, Moises was saved from certain death by the Esperanza de Vida rescue center in Guatemala.

Before his rescue, Moises suffered from high fevers caused by an intestinal infection. His young mother was too poor to buy medicine or take him to a doctor, and all she could do was stand by helplessly while her baby cried in constant agony. The days and nights watching his unmitigated suffering were too much for the mother to bear, and eventually she had a mental breakdown, grabbed the baby and ran, and buried his tiny body in the ground, wrapped in nothing but a blanket.

Amazingly, a little girl witnessed the whole thing. As soon as the mother left to tell her family and friends that her baby was dead, the girl dug Moises out of the hole and discovered that he was in fact still alive! She had gotten to him just in time. Moises was later admitted to the rescue center, where the medical staff stayed by his side around the clock, desperately praying that the fever medication and anti-biotic treatment would save his fragile life. To everyone’s relief, God heard their prayers and restored the baby’s health.

Our prayers also go to the poor mother, who was clearly mentally ill and not evil. May God have mercy on her and her family as they heal from the trauma of their ordeal, which began as a tragedy but became an opportunity for a miracle.

Success stories like Moises are the reason we continue to ship medical and nutritional supplies to the Esperanza de Vida rescue center. The shipments from Cross are helping this Christian ministry save Guatemalan children from the rampant malnutrition and lack of medicine that threatens so many young lives in the impoverished Central American country.

Click HERE to find out more about how we are sending life-saving medicines, medical supplies, and nutritional supplements to clinics and hospitals around the world.


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