Precious Cargo Arrives in Haiti

After weeks of anticipation and a few bumps in the road, 10 containers of relief supplies from Cross being carried by a treasure-hunting ship reached our ministry partners in Les Cayes, Haiti.

The 20-foot containers — carrying food, water, medicines, and other urgently-needed relief supplies — were a welcome site to our ministry partner, who runs a home for more than 600 orphans and has been spearheading our efforts to help earthquake refugees pouring into Haiti’s southern region.

The crew of the 220-foot Sea Hunter, which partnered with Cross to ship the supplies, encountered three vicious storms that delayed their journey. But through God’s providence they have arrived safely with the precious cargo.

The Sea Hunter coming into the port in Miami, Florida, where it picked up 10 containers of relief supplies from Cross International before heading south to Haiti.
Because Les Cayes has only a small harbor with a wharf that cannot accommodate large ships, skiffs were used to transport the supplies to shore where they were trucked to our ministry partner.
Dozens of boxes of food were a welcome site to our ministry partner who cares for more than 600 orphans in Les Cayes.


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