Praying for our Partners

Day of Prayer
Day of Prayer

We already pray for our partners on Tuesdays — which is truly a privilege — but last week our staff dedicated an entire day to lift up our partners in prayer. At any point during the work day, there was a group of staff from a variety of departments gathered together. We prayed for our donors and for our ministry partners in the field, among others.

We had asked our overseas ministry partners to send us their specific prayer requests so we could lift them up on that special day. Here are just a few of the many requests we received. I hope you’ll join me and others here at Cross in adding these to your daily prayer list:

Pray for the families of the children that are served here, who are greatly affected by divorce, abandonment, and other family problems.~ Hogar Remedios Assin, Bolivia

Pray for the new school year starting in September; that the Lord will provide the funds needed to obtain supplies and uniforms for students who cannot afford them. ~ Moses Project, Ecuador

Pray that the eyes of their hearts (staff and youth) would be enlightened in order that they will know, without a doubt, the Hope to which He has called them. ~ Casa Bernabé, Guatemala (quoting from Ephesians 1:18)

Pray for three of the women residing at the shelter who need to find employment. ~ Casa de Vida, Guatemala

Pray that the Lord of the Harvest would bring more laborers to His harvest field. ~ Togetherness In Christ, Haiti (quoting from Matthew 9:28)

Pray for all children to receive healing from past trauma. ~ Arms of Love, Nicaragua

Pray for the children of Elohim, the great majority who come from families with extensive histories of alcohol abuse and domestic violence; that every child would come to know the love of Jesus in a personal way. ~ Elohim Evangelical School, Peru

Pray for all orphaned children in Uganda and in other parts of the globe. ~ Project Princess, Uganda

The prayer requests that came in from our ministry partners revealed the many challenges and fears they face day in and day out while doing the work of the Lord. They truly appreciate our (and your) prayers!

Brothers and sisters, pray for us. (1 Thessalonians 5:25)

-Nola B.


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