Prayers Needed After Tropical Storm Ketsana

We reached out to several of our ministry partners in the Philippines and Vietnam over the last few days to see if they were OK after the devastating floods caused by Tropical Storm Ketsana. So far, we’ve only heard back from one of them — please continue to pray.

At least 400,000 people from Manila and the surrounding provinces have been displaced by Tropical Storm Ketsana’s flood waters
At least 400,000 people from Manila and the surrounding provinces have been displaced by Tropical Storm Ketsana’s flood waters

On Saturday (Sept. 26), Tropical Storm Ketsana barreled into the northern Philippines, dropping more than a month’s worth of rain — 16.7 inches — in just 12 hours. Massive floods quickly engulfed Manila and the surrounding areas, causing the capital’s worst flooding in more than 42 years. (Click here to see photos.) The government quickly declared a “state of calamity” in metropolitan Manila and 25 storm-hit provinces, appealing for international help.

Local officials say the death toll from flooding in the Philippines continues to rise as the strengthened storm, now Typhoon Ketsana, moved on to slam into central Vietnam today (Tuesday), killing at least 23 Vietnamese. They say at least 284 in the Philippines have died in the floods brought on by the storm, but that number is likely to rise.

One of our ministry partners in the Philippines emailed us news of the devastation this morning (Tuesday):

This typhoon is really a tragedy. All schools are closed for the week. People still have water in their house waist deep. Many of our parents have nothing left. What they have salvaged they are trying to dry in the sun, but another typhoon is expected in the next few days. But you know the people here they are very resilient and say, “At least our kids are alive.”

The BBC reported today that nearly 400,000 people are living in temporary relief shelters in Manila and the surrounding provinces. Flood waters in some areas subsided Monday, but thousands of homes are still without power.

Continue to pray for the people of the Philippines and Vietnam, and say special prayers for our ministry partners working so diligently to help the storm-devastated people. Click here to learn more about what we are doing to help the poor in the Philippines and Vietnam.



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