Urgent Request: Pray For Rain in Africa

A few months ago, Cross International came to you with an urgent need in Africa.  We explained that for more than a year, a lack of significant rain had led to a widespread drought on the continent, impacting over 20 million people.

Unfortunately, the problem has grown worse.

In these areas, families depend on farming and livestock to survive and produce income, and now that nearly two years has passed without significant rain, crops and animals have been decimated, local food prices have skyrocketed and children are suffering with malnutrition.

Drought in Africa
The region of Lodwar has gone without significant rainfall for nearly two years, greatly affecting the pastoralist Turkana tribe.

While it is true that Cross International has been able to respond by distributing monthly food staples in Lodwar and Ewuaso Kedong, Kenya – and we praise God these food staples have saved many lives – there is reason for great concern.  As days and weeks continue to go by without rain, even more families are being affected and need our help.

Now more than ever, Africa needs our prayers!


Please join us in praying for divine intervention, for rain and for an end to this terrible drought. Pray God extends His grace to struggling families and provides for their needs. He is sovereign over the weather, and He answers the prayers of His people!  

Delivering food to Africa.
An elderly Maasai woman in Ewuaso Kedong receives food staples.

As you pray, will you also help us meet the most urgent needs of these desperate families? Cross International still needs help to providing monthly food staples during this crisis. Your generosity will help us fill empty stomachs and minister to hurting hearts in the name of Jesus. Click here to give to this lifesaving work!


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