Powerful Kindness

An ADNZ volunteer prays with a participant.

I was reminded of the power of Christ-like kindness when I read about Olipa Kumbuyo, a beneficiary of Cross International ministry partner ADNZ Home-Based Health Care in Zambia. The Christians at ADNZ are ministering to victims of AIDS and other chronic illnesses by visiting the sick in their homes and providing food, care kits, counseling, health education, prayer and sharing God’s love. Here’s what Olipa had to say:

“Before the ADNZ caregivers started visiting me; I was lonely and felt like the world was crumbling on me. I felt helpless and useless. But since I started receiving food supplements from the group, I have realized that there are people who care for others and this has given me hope that being HIV positive is not the end of the world.”

“I have found true Christianity and love in the caregivers who come here to help and support me even though I don’t go to their church. I am very grateful for the assistance I am receiving from the project and I am well, able to work and support my family again.”

Did you catch that? Olipa found true Christianity because of the kindness of followers of Jesus. She knew there had to be something different about people who would volunteer their free time to take care of her when there was nothing in it for them. At the time, she didn’t even go to their church! As Christians in her village unselfishly cared for her physical needs, the heart of the Gospel became alive to Olipa. It’s just another example of how God is using Cross ministry partners to help build his Kingdom in Zambia — and around the world!

-Catherine M.


Uganda Landscape

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