Our Patient Hope

When Paul wrote that “faith is the substance of things hoped for,” he might just as well have said, “Expect to spend some quality time in the waiting room.” The Christian walk is an exercise in patience.


Right now, many churches are observing Advent, the season leading up to, and anticipating, Christmas. Advent means “coming” or “arrival,” and is a period that symbolizes the yearnings of a broken world for the Messiah. It not only anticipates Christ’s birth, but also looks forward to his triumphant Second Coming. We say together, May he come quickly!

It’s been two thousand years since the resurrection, and millions of people still don’t know the Messiah has come. They’ve never heard the gospel, and they do not share our hope, but they yearn for salvation. Among those people, many also seek help of another kind. They need someone to quench their thirst, to satisfy their hunger, to put clothes on their backs and a roof over their heads. They’re poor physically as well as spiritually.

This Advent, we should contemplate the hope we have in Christ, and how we can share that hope with others. We bear the good news the world has been waiting for! And we can demonstrate the power of the message by joining it with acts of compassion, such as by providing food, shelter, and medical care for orphans.

Our work at Cross International really is evangelism. We give a sandwich to a hungry child to give him hope that he will live another day; an education to give him hope that he will find a job and earn an income; and the gospel to give him hope that the grave is not the end. While we wait for Christ’s return, a poor and marginalized child is waiting for you to reach out and welcome him into God’s family!


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