Of Nazis and Lent

Pastor Jimmy Dodd
Pastor Jimmy Dodd

One of our founding board members, Pastor Jimmy Dodd, led our morning devotions today, and it was inspiring. He told the story about the Bergen-Belsen concentration camp after the fall of the Nazis. When arriving Allied troops tried to tell the prisoners they were free, they couldn’t get them to leave. Due to the language barrier, the prisoners couldn’t understand what the soldiers were saying. All they saw were military uniforms, which they associated with their captors.

Finally, the soldiers sent for a nearby army chaplain – a rabbi who went into each barrack, telling the prisoners: “Shalom! Peace to you, Jews, you are free!” This started a trickle, then a rush of people out of the camp to freedom.

“That’s the message of Lent,” Pastor Dodd told us. Jesus came to liberate us, saying, “Peace to you — you are free!”

-Nola B.



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