Nourishing Bodies and Spirits

The El Camino Sunday School & Feeding Program
The El Camino Sunday School & Feeding Program

These hungry kids live in a really rough neighborhood on the outskirts of Lima, Peru. Most of them come from tumultuous family situations with alcoholic, drug addicted parents who don’t supervise or provide for them. They’re often left to fend for themselves. They learn to survive by selling candy or hustling whatever they can on the streets. As a result, they’re targets of all kinds of abuse.

You won’t likely find children like these going to Sunday School. Even if they did attend, they wouldn’t fit in. They don’t know how to behave in a traditional church setting. Instead, concerned Christians have found a way to bring a Sunday School to them! The El Camino Sunday School & Feeding Program arrives in their neighborhood each weekend, bringing a hearty meal. That food is incentive enough for the children to attend, and about 35 children, ages 2 to 13, join in the blessings and fun – some walking long distances to get there.

The children are a little unruly when they first attend because they’ve never been guided with loving discipline. But over time, they learn how to interact with others. They learn about Jesus, they experience Christ-like love from the Sunday School workers, and they eat what is often the most nutritious meal they’ll get all week. This program plants seeds of hope in their otherwise bleak lives.

-Nola B.


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