No Giant too Big!

Sergio, 14. Case Bernabe orphanage. Cross International and Cross Catholic Outreach trip to Cuilapa and Guatemala City, Guatemala, April 2016. Photo by Benjamin Rusnak

Like many 14-year-old boys, Pablo* likes to draw superheroes. His favorite hero is Sentry, who has the power of “one million exploding suns.” Now that is a skill you don’t see on a lot of resumes!

Pablo knows that, as a child of God, he doesn’t have to rely on super powers. He’s learned the story of King David, so when giants come his way Pablo knows his ability to overcome them doesn’t depend on his own size but on the size of the God he serves.

Tragically, one of the giants Pablo faced was in his own dysfunctional family. Drugs and alcohol consumed his parents, so he was raised by his older siblings until the government removed all five children from the home. Eventually, his father died as a result of years of substance abuse; and now he sees his mother only occasionally.

But Pablo will not follow in his parents’ ill-fated footsteps. That’s because he’s now being nurtured in a healthy, wholesome environment at Casa Bernabé, a Cross International-supported Christian orphanage and school on the outskirts of Guatemala City. Today, Pablo is trusting in his heavenly Father to meet his needs. He is dreaming big dreams, and he has developed a talent for acting. That talent is now being put to use for the Lord in church skits, and Pablo hopes it will someday blossom into a professional career.

Please pray for Pablo and all the kids at Casa Bernabé. May Christ continue to heal their broken hearts and mold them into his likeness!


*To respect privacy, the child’s name has been changed.

-Tony M.


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