Meeting Medical Needs

Project: Medicine
Location: Vietnam

Evangelism is a challenge in Vietnam, where the Communist government tightly restricts believers’ freedom to share their faith. But Christians have found a way to reach their neighbors without running afoul of the law.

Our partner — the community service arm of the Evangelical Church of Vietnam-South — has partnered with Cross to continue a highly successful outreach that focuses on the medical needs of the rural poor. Churches in these communities are equipped with fully stocked medicine cabinets, and volunteers are trained to administer first aid and to recognize and treat common illnesses

Sick community members who would otherwise be unable to obtain even very basic medicines are offered this service at no charge. They go to the local church to find healing for their bodies, and they come away with much more — the seed of God’s Word planted in their hearts.

To learn how you can help with projects like this one and others, take a look at our Project Catalog.


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