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Meet Edgar: A Thriving Kid shares Christ’s love

What happens when a child is given basic needs, education and words of hope and affirmation through the love of Christ? 

They thrive. 

That’s Edgar’s story, and it was out of a vision for stories like his that Thriving Kids began. 

Edgar was born in Guatemala. Here, and in places like Haiti and Zambia, children wake up each morning with incredible challenges to overcome. They are without clean water and food, homes give little shelter, school isn’t an option, and life-threatening illness is a constant danger. 

When Edgar was 11 days old, his father was killed. Wanting the best for her children, his mother placed Edgar and his siblings in an orphanage that could provide for their basic needs.

That orphanage was Casa Bernabé, a refuge that provides hope and healing for vulnerable children, and our longtime ministry partner in Guatemala.  Edgar and his family found help, love, care, education and the life-giving story of Jesus. 

Edgar grew into a young man who knew he was loved by Jesus. He attended college, fell in love, got married and had a family of his own. He began to pour love back into the community that supported him. 

Today, Edgar is the director of the entire ministry at Casa Bernabé, sharing Christ’s love and caring for children just like him. 

We’re sure you’ve caught on by now, but we LOVE stories of Thriving Kids like Edgar. Lives filled with transformation and grace are the direct fruits of your love, prayer and giving. With your continued partnership, kids in Guatemala and around the world  can continue to thrive from the inside out. 

Are you ready to make a powerful difference in the life of a child?


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