Making Inroads in Vietnam

Kindergarten School Well
Thank you for providing clean water for poor Vietnamese families!

Christians and Communist regimes are typically at odds with each other, but when citizens lack clean water, and the government’s wells don’t work, and the church steps in to meet the need, party officials take notice.

Sometimes, they even say thank you.

That recently happened in southern Vietnam, and it was possible because you supported the work of our ministry partners there.

After the ministry provided clean water to families without special preference for those of a particular faith or political position, it prompted Vietnamese neighbors and officials to get curious about “the weird Christian church” their parents had warned them about. Some asked questions. Others stepped inside church doors to learn more — a big deal in a country where overt evangelism is against the law.

Thanks for helping Cross and its partner deliver this life-changing water. And thanks for spreading the Gospel! Christ’s kingdom is alive and well in Vietnam! But of course, there are still many thirsty souls in need of Jesus, so please continue to pray for and support our partners in Vietnam as they soften hearts and change lives.


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