Living Water in a dry land

Village women celebrate near a well-drilling rig
Village women celebrate near a well-drilling rig
Clean water provided by Cross International
Clean water provided by Cross International

Why is this group of traditionally-attired Zambian women staring at a construction vehicle? Because the Cross-sponsored piece of machinery is about to make their lives a whole lot easier.

Until now, the women have had to walk long distances to fetch unsanitary water from the nearest source and carry it home on their heads – often with their babies still strapped to their backs. African domesticity is not for the faint of heart! I got to experience for myself the remoteness of the area during a very bumpy ride over dirt walking paths, with no guardrails to protect us from steep drops into the valley.

But thanks to Cross donors, this small rural village, which is just one of many in southern Zambia’s Chikankata catchment area, now has convenient access to safe, clean water. A pump-operated well will provide all the water the women need for drinking, cooking, and washing for many years to come. Every time they fetch water, they’ll remember the Christians who blessed them with this gift, and their thoughts will be turned to the gospel message of Jesus, the Living Water who satisfies their thirst.

-Tony M.



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