Living Life for the Lord

Since childhood, Gladys Thomas has lived her life for the Lord.

Born a “preacher’s kid” to a Haitian pastor, Gladys’ personal relationship with Jesus Christ began when she was very ill as a young girl. Bedridden, her little heart sought the Holy Spirit for comfort.

God has used Gladys Thomas to help thousands of his children in Haiti.
God has used Gladys Thomas to help thousands of his children in Haiti.

From that time forward, she dedicated her life to Christ. Gladys earned her nursing degree in the U.S. and returned to Haiti, her home country. She didn’t know what God had in store for her, but she felt called to work with children.

Indeed, God has since used her to help thousands of precious children in his name.

In 1981, Gladys accepted a request to direct an orphanage that had been abandoned by its previous administrator. When Gladys arrived, she found the kitchen bare and the beds infested. She immediately burned all the mattresses to eliminate the infestation. “God will provide,” she said, and through the generosity of concerned Christians, Gladys quickly acquired new beds and much-needed food and supplies.

With fervor and faith Gladys lifted the standard of care for that orphanage, which she named Haiti Home for Children.

As founder and leader of both the orphanage and the adjacent school called School of the Good Sower, as well as Rainbow of Love Nursery (for abandoned infants), Hope Institute for Handicapped Children, and Hope Pediatric Hospital, Gladys relentlessly works to improve life for Haiti’s most vulnerable children.

Since the devastating earthquake that hit Haiti in January 2010, Gladys has placed unwavering faith in God as she begins repairs to the orphanage and school buildings that were damaged in the quake.

Please pray for Gladys and the precious children in her care. To learn more about her ministries and how you can get involved, click here.


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