Letter from Haiti

Emory Wilson, founder of Christian Light Foundation.
Emory Wilson, founder of Christian Light Foundation.

I’d like to share excerpts of the latest update from Christian Light Foundation, a Cross ministry partner that is radically changing the lives of the poor in Haiti through evangelism, housing, nutrition, and education. The letter spotlights the tremendous work of the ministry’s dedicated staff, who, like Christian Light Foundation founders Emory and Mary Wilson, have a sincere heart for Haiti’s most vulnerable poor:

The beautiful people who live here are out bringing the kingdom in the different forms they have been called to. Momma Kati (a ministry worker) is here on the porch, going back and forth between sorting trade school products and experimenting with new ways of bracelet making…

With every new basket of journals, ornaments, earrings, and necklaces that the trade school artisans create, there continues to be an expansion of personal creativity and professional refinement. To see success in the pursuit of inspiring people, feeding families, and offering a way for communities across the sea to enable health community here in Jubilee makes our heart dance.

Chris (another ministry worker) is in Jubilee preparing for his three o’clock advanced English class. Instead of just teaching vocabulary and syntax, each day Chris reads through a quote from a great author or philosopher, explaining the words as the conversation progresses. This not only teaches English in context, but it opens up a conversation on integrity, character, morality, and drive. I sincerely wish you could feel the air of people being empowered in that room!

The update concludes with one very tangible result of Christian Light Foundation’s educational programs: a child saved from choking to death!

…This month has been a reminder that His timing is always perfect. From last week, as told by Momma Kati:

“I was heading home from Jubilee and a serious looking crowd had formed near the bridge. Christianna, a lady in the jewelry group and also in Martha’s medical training class, walked up to me. She said she came home and found her son not breathing. Yesterday, Martha taught her class what to do if a child has stopped breathing. She picked him up, jabbed her two fingers into his chest, flipped him over and slammed his back… out popped a huge marble! He was smiling and very relieved. There was such a strong sense of the presence of God in that group. Thanking us, but knowing it was God that brought Martha here.”

-Tony M.


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