Lesson from a Water Bucket

Why concern ourselves with overseas poverty?

The answer is this bucket of yellow water.

Shortly after this photo was taken, this water, scooped from a hole in a dry creek bed in the Dominican Republic, was carried along a dirt path, poured into a glass and served to a child.

If God’s love is in your heart, that should bother you.

As I watched this bucket filled with murky water, I felt like I should try and stop the woman from using it. No one should have to drink water like this to survive. It’s a tragedy. It’s also tragic that women don’t have enough water to cook with, while I enjoy a limitless supply from my kitchen faucet. This is a crisis-level shortage, and many communities face similar hardships all around the world.

But the story doesn’t need to end there. When Christians take action, something amazing can happen. The poor find hope. Work brigades form, heavy equipment arrives, pipes are laid, and crystal clear water begins to flow. Where misery once reigned, families rejoice because God’s faith-filled people have answered their prayers. This is Jesus’ love in action — a power that can transform the world!


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