Nicaragua is in a battle for forgotten children.
Cross International is fighting back.

Nicaragua was one of the fastest-growing economies in Central America until political unrest and violence exploded in April 2018. Today, over half of the population lives in extreme poverty, without access to clean water, food, electricity, education and medical care. Children are most affected, putting them at risk to human trafficking, abuse, malnutrition and child labor.
Located in Jinotepe, Nicaragua, Cross International partner Arms of Love seeks out kids in need like 12-year-old Kevin: vulnerable, separated from their parents due to death, abandonment and/or abuse, and victims of oppression, exploitation and injustice. We care for children and families based on their specific needs, from a safe place to live to higher learning, meals and hygiene support. Today, your support helps nearly 100 children with: a residential home for orphaned, abandoned and abused children; basic needs for kids and families; and educational opportunities and mentoring for young adults to help break the cycle of poverty.

Yet the need far outweighs the capacity–there are over 700,000 vulnerable children in Nicaragua.

In the midst of the political crisis, expanding programs in Nicaragua are more important than ever. Your continued monthly support helps Cross International grow the following:
  • Residential Program: Provides education, trauma therapy and healthcare in an established family environment.
  • Independent Living Program: Seeks to break the cycle of poverty by giving young adults scholarships that share the cost of tuition, books, housing and food.
  • Community Development Program: Provides families healthy meals, bible study, classes on essential needs, English, computation, music and tutoring Staff training: Specialized leadership and trauma care training to equip and empower staff to care for the needs of the ministry’s children
  • Leadership training: Comprehensive training and preparation to establish Arms of Love as a trauma training resource for programs across Nicaragua.

We can’t shelter them all (yet!), but you can help us open our doors even wider.

We believe every child and family deserves a safe place to live. When you support Cross International each month, you help create a loving, Christ-centered environment for vulnerable children and families who have experienced severe trauma. Together, we can live out God’s command to love thy neighbor and help transform neglected children into Thriving Kids.

We pray that you’ll continue to help us turn trauma into triumph in Nicaragua.


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Your generous gift will be used to support Cross International’s Thriving Kids initiative through June 30 2020, the close of our ministry’s fiscal year. In the event that more funds are raised than needed to fully fund the initiative, the excess funds, if any, will be used to meet the most urgent needs of the ministry and may be used in the following fiscal year.
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