Inspiration for Haiti

If you look at Haiti solely in terms of statistics, the picture looks bleak: barely half of Haitians over 15 can read and write, more than two-thirds of the workforce is unemployed, and about 15 percent of Haiti’s children are orphaned. And after the devastating earthquake in January, poverty and homelessness are on the rise.

Sedellia and her 3-year-old grandson, Marc, find hope in God after the earthquake.Sedellia and her 3-year-old grandson, Marc, find hope in God after the earthquake.
Sedellia and her 3-year-old grandson, Marc, find hope in God after the earthquake.

But if you look at Haiti at the “people level,” you’ll see a different picture altogether, one of hope that comes from the Christian people of Haiti.

Take Sedellia Guerrier, 63, who survived the earthquake at her home in Gressier, which is just a few kilometers from the epicenter. When the earthquake hit, her house tumbled down around her, her son, and her grandson, Marc, 3. The damage appeared severe—a wall toppled on her son’s back and broke it, and her house was completely destroyed. But Sedellia looked through the destruction and saw God’s hand.

“The dust hadn’t settled when I began to pray and give thanks that my family was saved,” she said. By the grace of God, Sedellia’s son was not paralyzed from the injury. Marc, who had been inside the house during the quake, was found sitting on the roof of the collapsed home, which Sedellia calls a miracle. And after sleeping under a tarp with her family for three weeks, she praised God for sending them a tent to live in instead.

“When you don’t ask for something and it shows up, it could only be God that sent it,” she said. “A tent showed up and we slept in it for two months.”

Today, Sedellia lives next to the rubble of her old home in a one-room temporary shelter made of salvageable cement blocks and tarps. Seven family members live there with her. Despite losing everything, Sedellia thanks God for keeping them alive and knows he will help Haiti recover.

“It’s not money that makes you rich; it’s the power of God and love in your heart,” she says.

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