Illiteracy in the Information Age

It’s interesting to see which products are being marketed most heavily during the Christmas season. This year, Amazon has been promoting its Kindle electronic reader, which makes it easy and fun to download and read the books of your choice.

Technology is changing the way we educate ourselves, even when it comes to studying God’s Word. Take, for instance, the new Glo interactive Bible software. Now your private study can be enhanced with high-definition video, images, historical animations, zoomable maps, and 360-degree virtual tours.

You can give a child an education at New World Christian School in Ecuador.
You can give a child an education at New World Christian School in Ecuador.

The wealth of knowledge at our fingertips presents a stark contrast to the situation for many children around the world who cannot read or write and have never heard the gospel. These kids want to learn, but they don’t even have a pencil and paper to practice their ABCs.

For instance, in Ecuador, Jose Guman was just a young boy when he left his Quichua mountain community to work in the city as a shoeshine boy, because his widowed mother couldn’t afford his school expenses. Eventually, Jose dropped out of elementary school so he could work longer hours. Then his mother moved to the city to find work, and ended up earning just $5 a day selling peas.

Jose’s life began to change when Cross provided a scholarship for him to attend a Christian school designed to meet the particular needs of child laborers and ultimately get them off the streets. Now a 10-grader, Jose wants to go to college to study teaching, so he can share his knowledge with other poor children in the Quichua village where he was born.

Education is truly the gift that keeps on giving! Let’s be thankful this Christmas for the teachers who have impacted our lives, and for the opportunities we’ve had to hear the gospel and study God’s word. Let’s also pray that poor children around the world will have those same opportunities.

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