Helping Haitians Help Themselves

These hand-made journals are providing a source of income for poor Haitian families.
These hand-made journals are providing a source of income for poor Haitian families.

In a show of support for MUCH Ministries’ self-help program for poor families in Jubilee, Haiti, Cross ordered a shipment of 5,000 journals from their trade school, where local Haitians have been learning to make various items by hand so they can earn a small income. The ministry responded with this email:

Dear Cross,

I wish for a moment you could see what I see here.

I wish you could see the look on the faces of these people that are full of HOPE…

These women want to work. They love paying off their debts, having good meals for their kids, paying for their children’s school themselves without begging! They literally are getting their feet underneath them…and it is a family affair. Though I never see them, apparently the husbands are helping them get the work done each week! Family businesses!

The order for journals has propelled one young man and his team of 12 into a new workshop. (Desperately needed!) Benson is a 22-year-old student who leads the team of journal makers. He will graduate from Bible Seminary in January. He is slow to speak, intelligent, exudes peace and joy, and I have often found he and his coworkers worshiping the Lord during their lunch break!

He also believes that God is doing something amazing in Jubilee. Making His Name known in this place! …When this order for 5,000 journals came through, he knew he had to get it done… There is a growing belief that God is indeed restoring this land to its rightful owner – God himself – the One who truly cares for these people!

I cannot thank you enough for purchasing goods from the people here. This addresses the issues of poverty that are far more than monetary. Past relief, and into development. Leaving the crippling effects of Voodoo and learning to walk in the kingdom of God.

-Tony M.



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