Emergency in Central America

The lives of tens of thousands of people have been devastated in the past weeks. Hurricane Eta ravaged the region and now, Hurricane Iota has added to the misery.  Homes have been destroyed, crops have been lost, entire communities are gone. 

Our brothers and sisters need our help!

The needs are large and immediate: emergency food, shelter, water, and medical care are desperately needed.  Please join us now with your generous gift to bring care to the hurting.  Together, let’s show God’s love to those who are in desperate need right now.

Liduvina and her family lost everything due to Hurricane Eta

“We started hearing noises on the roof of one of the rooms and suddenly a wall fell off and then the others fell, we had to run out to save our lives. We were nervous and the kids were crying with fear, that moment was horrible“

-Liduvina Villeda. Piedra de Horeb Honduras

Developments on the field

  • •Our Ministry partner Hope of Life in Guatemala reports over 600 people displaced in their community, including patients and staff from ‘Kelly’s House’, a facility for children with severe physical or mental disabilities, and residents of the elderly house ‘Oasis of Eden’, as well as many others who live and work in the area.

•As rains from Hurricane Iota continue to fall heavily across the region, so far, 54 bridges have collapsed and 15 villages have been completely cutoff from roadways in Zacapa, Guatemala.

•Dozens of homes of Agros families in Guatemala, Honduras, and Nicaragua are destroyed or on the verge of collapse. Entire communities are without power, rates of respiratory infections and diarrhea are dangerously high, and up to 65% of families’ crops have been destroyed.

•Our partner Agros is still assessing the damages but have not finished quantifying them. There are several villages they have not been able to visit because bridges are gone, or mudslide block the roads. There are 4 villages with no communication in Guatemala, one in Honduras, and one in Nicaragua.

Your generous gift will be used to support Cross International’s Thriving Kids initiative through June 30 2021, the close of our ministry’s fiscal year. In the event that more funds are raised than needed to fully fund the initiative, the excess funds, if any, will be used to meet the most urgent needs of the ministry and may be used in the following fiscal year. 

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