Hello from Guatemala!

Hello from Guatemala!
Hello from Guatemala!

The kids at Casa Bernabé send warm greetings and heartfelt gratitude to Cross International and our supporters. Case Bernabé is a Christian orphanage that rescues orphaned, abandoned and abused children, with the goal of showing them the love and freedom they have in Christ. The ministry’s director Donie Hernandez recently wrote:

We take every step necessary to rescue a child, to educate him, to heal his body, to heal his mind, and to heal his spirit. Casa Bernabé is a place where children are loved, prayed for, cared for and shown who Jesus is—some for the first time in their lives. They are placed in a loving family environment with a “mommy” and a “daddy”. They also receive medical, dental and psychological care. They attend church on Sunday and a Christian school all week long. The kids are learning their true value in Jesus. They are learning to seek him, to serve him and to honor God in all they do!

-Annie W.


Uganda Landscape

The Sights and Sounds of Uganda’s culture

Cross International is proud to partner with the Project Princess Initiative to support girls in Uganda, helping them stay in school to gain a complete education and valuable training. Through working with these girls and their communities, our goal is to invest in a bright future for this nation, which offers a fascinating cultural experience to fill the senses with tastes, sights, and sounds not soon forgotten.

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