Healthy, Happy, and Thriving

When Haiti Home for Children orphanage founder Gladys Thomas sees 10-month-old Kettelie, she sees a life saved. That’s funny—I just saw a cute little girl when I visited Kettelie at the Cross-sponsored orphanage on my last trip to Haiti. But after I heard Kettelie’s story, however, I understood what Gladys meant.

Mommy Oversie holds Kettelie, whose mom died in the massive earthquake that hit Haiti last year.
Mommy Oversie holds Kettelie, whose mom died in the massive earthquake that hit Haiti last year.

Kettelie arrived at Haiti Home for Children, a Christian orphanage in Port-au-Prince supported by Cross, when she was 7 months old. She weighed just 8 pounds and had rust-colored hair, one of the most prominent signs of severe malnourishment. Kettelie’s mom had lost everything—her house and virtually all of the family’s possessions—in the January 2010 earthquake and could not afford to feed her young daughter. The little girl had been without food for a long, long time.

But God provided for Kettelie—he saved her life, in fact, through the care of loving Christians at Haiti Home for Children, all made possible because of help from Cross and its generous Christian benefactors. One person in particular gave Kettelie the love and physical nourishment she needed to survive. “We have a house mom who loves babies. When a baby comes and is near death, she’ll love her back to life,” Gladys told me.

That house mom is “Mommy Oversie.” Mommy Oversie has served at Haiti Home for Children for about 20 years. “She has saved…I can’t even count how many have come through, all malnourished, and with her they lived,” Gladys said.

Today Kettelie, at 10 months old, weighs 15 pounds and is healthy, happy, and thriving, free from the malnourishment she almost died from. This life saved in the name of Christ was possible because of Cross’ generous benefactors who support Haiti Home for Children, one of God’s instruments for saving his precious children!

-Stephanie J.


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