Healed Bodies; Healed Souls

Mr. Ni, a beneficiary of the SoMedCo project, experienced an amazing healing from cancer.
Mr. Ni, a beneficiary of the SoMedCo project, experienced an amazing healing from cancer.

Medicine cabinets in churches. It’s an idea that’s not as glamorous as building a clinic or doing surgeries, but it is extremely practical and it’s meeting a real need among Vietnam’s poor for basic, readily-available medicines. It’s also a great way for Christians to reach out to their neighbors.

We recently received a testimony from SoMedCo – the community service arm of the Evangelical Church of Vietnam-South (ECV) – about a man whose life was transformed through this Cross-sponsored medical outreach.

Mr. Ni lives with his wife and five children in Vietnam’s Dak-nong province. A Communist party member for three decades, Mr. Ni harbored a negative attitude toward Christianity and specifically toward the ECV.

Then early last year, Mr. Ni began to experience fatigue, loss of appetite and a swollen abdomen. He was diagnosed with liver cancer and referred to the hospital in Ho Chi Minh City. His children borrowed money for him to go, and he also had government insurance. But soon after his arrival, he was sent back home. The doctors determined that his cancer was too advanced for treatment.

Devastated, Mr. Ni went home and waited for death. But God had other plans. A SoMedCo pastor visiting the area met with the dying man, who, in total desperation, asked for prayer. The pastor shared the Gospel with him, then for six days straight continued to pray for a supernatural healing and to provide Mr. Ni with some basic medications. At the end of the six days, something had changed. His health was returning! The swelling went down, and the cancer that should have killed him was completely purged from his body.

The healing wasn’t only physical but also spiritual. Today, Mr. Ni and his family are Christians. This man who once considered the ECV a thorn in his side is now a strong believer who volunteers with the church’s music ministry.

Praise God for a happy ending! Or should I say, a happy beginning!

-Tony M.


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