Great News from Guyana!

Here’s “Sandy” getting baptized. I’m so happy for her!
Here’s “Sandy” getting baptized. I’m so happy for her!

The kids I met at the Ruimsvelt Children’s Home & Care Center in Georgetown, Guyana were a happy bunch—normal, well-adjusted kids from tots to teens. You’d never know they were all either affected or infected by AIDS. I got to know a set of siblings there who I’ll call Sandy and Roger (not their real names), and learned they had quite a rough time early on. Their alcoholic mom left them alone a lot and one day the house caught on fire. Sandy’s brothers escaped, but she suffered 3rd degree burns. After several months in the hospital, no one ever came for her. Her mother had died of AIDS; so she and Roger were given a home at RCHCC. Roger was only 9 months old and Sandy was about 8 at the time.

Anyway, I was delighted by recent news from RCHCC that five of their older girls decided to accept Jesus and be baptized—and 13-year-old Sandy was among them! “The girls have hope for the future, they have come into real purpose for living,” said Marva, the executive director. She said the girls are active in church ministry, whether singing, dancing or ushering, and now they’re attending the New Believers class on Sundays. And when visitors come to RCHCC to donate goods, the girls pray for them. According to Marva, “These young ladies have certainly learned to communicate with God!”

-Nola B.


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